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     Non-stop Entertainment and Futuristic Communications First ever hotel to provide interactive Communications and Entertainment System in the Philippines.


Piles of funny videos that surely make you stay happy

  •   Categorized videos
  •   Easy to navigate and search

TV Series

Don't miss every episodes of your favorite TV Series.

  •   Collection of TV Series.
  •   All new Seasons and Episodes.
  •   New Series to watch for.

Live TV

1000+ international and local channels

  •   Channels that can be added to your favorite
  •   switch to local channels
  •   HD international channel
  •   Cable TV


Know time zone from all over the world.

  •   Check Time from different countries.
  •   Add more Time zones.

Spa Services

Look and feel great during your stay with us.

  •   Manicure and Pedicure for all occasions.
  •   Friendly Staff that will treat you best.
  •   Body Massage of different types according to your preference.
  •   Facial treatments that addresses to particular skin needs.
  •   Hand and Foot Massage Therapy.

Wake up Call

Reminder is always a key to a fresh memory.

  •   Activate the Menu for alarms and reminders.
  •   Set date and time for scheduled activities.
  •   Front Desk staff receives notification
    and will remind you of it.


Sing-along with our wide collection of Song

  •   Song Genre
  •   filtered by Artist
  •   Easy to navigate and search your song
  •   Music Videos
  •   Videoke
  •   Concerts


We serve you at our best

  •   Clean Room
  •   Laundry Pickup
  •   Ironing
  •   Turndown Service
  •   Automated request
  •   Fast response from our guest services


Set the lofts depends on your mood

  •   Ambiance collections


Keep track of world's latest events

  •   Collections of newspaper
  •   News from different part of world


Play the game and get hooked up

  •   Collection of Games
  •   Game Controller for easy playing

Do Not Disturb

No Disturbance, No Interruption with DND.

  •   Activate the device for your quiet and carefree stay.
  •   Staff and Personnel will be aware of it by the indicator in your front door.
  •   Easy activation and deactivation.

Luks Lofts Info

All you need to know about our hotel.

  •   Hotel profile and information details
  •   Appliance guide list
  •   User's Manual of facilities every loft houses.

Room Service

We serve at your satisfaction.

  •   We serve Meals, Snacks and Drinks.
  •   Categorized meals for your easy selection.
  •   Homegrown and Foreign Dish available.
  •   Dedicated personnel to serve you with passion.

Special Offers

Avail of our Special Offers for more of your blissful stay here at Luks Lofts.

  •   Tour packages available for grab.
  •   Chauffeur service for you with our luxury cars.
  •   More offers awaits for you.

Unlock Main Door

Never mind standing from your sofa or bed to open your door. Unlock Main Door Menu will do it for you.

  •   Just a click away from your remote control to open.
  •   No need to rush to pick up your door.


Learn more about your network connection.

  •   Details and information on Wifi Connections available.
  •   Active users, Data usage and Duration available for your reference.


Your friendly guide to your destination.

  •   Ride your dream car with elegance.
  •   Offers one way and round trip tour.
  •   Responsible and careful staff for your safety and relaxation.

View Bill and Check out

Update with your bill and statement with us.

  •   View your current bill.
  •   Details of your acquired goods and services.
  •   Summary of every item purchased or cancelled.
  •   Easy check out system.