"All the staff is very accommodating and hospitality from the guards outside and staff. Thumbs up!"

Hi Luks Loft! We where there last week June 23-24 for just one night. When we arrived at the hotel from the parking ,the security guards help us to carry our things and assist us to the front desk. All the staff is so good and very accommodating from the guards. Were trying to give a compliment to the staff receptionist and to the guards before we leave the hotel but anyone accepts our offer i suggest maybe you have a drop box or tip box for the all staff of hotel to give thanks for the hospitality and accommodating staff. And for more improvement i suggest you have a private parking for all guest. That’s all. I have no concerns during my stay’s @Luks Loft Residences and Hotel. So relaxing! Thank you for all the staff that accommodating us. I will recommend this kind of good people and hotel specially for my family and friends. Hope we see you soon again.. Thumbs up!

Reviewed Reviewed June 28, 2019
Reviewed from Agoda ®
"Great concept specially for some special event and holidays to celebrate."

The uniqueness of the room concept was SUPERB. The only concern would be the set up for breakfast, we didn't find interesting the dishes they offer and it wasn't tasty ( I'm sorry for the word but I hope they would be motivated with this comment) and it was weird that this hotel doesn't have their own kitchen to prepare the food it was prepare in the other building next to the hotel so it would really took time for them to make it. And please make sure that your food would be fresh because the fruits that has been served to us was bad and I requested the egg to be welldone but it wasn't. But the rest was magic and my family enjoyed the 1 day experience we had. Thank you soo much.

Reviewed May 30, 2019
Reviewed from Agoda ®
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